Dizzy Gillespie Group (Ed Cherry , Micheal Howell and Tommy Campbell)


The sign of a great master is one who not only can be out front in his field, but also is willing to bring others along with him. Through the vehicle of instruction, Tommy has proven his commitment to continuing the legacy of jazz, transferring his skill and years of performance with the most notable masters of Jazz in our time to his students.

tc’s P O R K E S T R A!

P O R K E S T R A (Concierto#133 at Bill’s Place in Harlem,NYC

P O R K E S T R A (Concierto#134Monmouth County Library




Tommy taught Drums & Vocal Improvisation and at his alma matter, Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has also taught in New York City at the Drummer’s Collective and The New School, and *continues to offer instruction in his New York musical home Canal Street  Studios, and other music education venues there since his recent return. He has delivers numerous clinics, workshops and master-classes throughout the US and abroad, and offers private instruction to a select group of students who show significant promise and passion about the percussive arts and jazz.

Tommy’s Signature Tyrannosnareus Rox

Tommy Demonstrates His Musical Dimensionality:

Workshop: Budapest, Hungry

A Quick Demo of the HAMBONE

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